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Willinghurst Lakes 

Willinghurst Fishery - Shamley Green

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Set in some very lovely Surrey countryside, this fishery has 10 lakes, mostly stocked with carp, plus numbers of roach, rudd, tench etc. The lakes are spread over a 650 acre estate, with three different access roads, depending on which lakes you want to fish. The venue might lack some of the 'home comforts' of some of our other featured fisheries, but it does offer excellent carp fishing, with some carp up to 20lbs, and many big bags taken by both match anglers and pleasure fishermen.

Methods at Willinghurst...

It makes a pleasant change to have a days fishing here, after the strict rules of so many day ticket fisheries ( who muttered Gold Valley ? ), to the best of my knowledge there is only one rule at these lakes, and that's the fairly normal one of 'Barbless Hooks Only'. They also allow you to pay an extra £3.00 on top of the day ticket and use a proper carp keepnet, making the water an ideal venue for a 'knock up' between a handful of lads, without having to book swims months in advance.


So all of you 'pellet heads', form an orderly queue, this is a real pellet water, the carp love them. Most of the lakes contain a big head of roach and rudd, so this is a real big bait venue, with corn, meat, paste, banded pellet, chum mixer or worm all being successful on the right day. Hemp and pellet make an excellent feed, balling in groundbait doesn't normally work, but the 'method feeder' can be deadly sometimes.

Favourite methods are pole, running line down the edge or method feeder. You don't need to fish a very long pole, 11 metres maximum, and often 5 or 6 metres is ideal. As in most day ticket carp fisheries, the big fish will come into the bank as the days wears on, and late afternoon / evening are the best times for catching a big carp in close.

As in so many still waters, the secret to catching fish is to fish with a warm wind in to your face, and to keep feeding. There's no need to feed vast amounts, but you must keep some feed going in to the swim all of the time, even if you're not catching anything. The biggest mistake that the occasional fisherman makes is that he doesn't feed often enough.

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