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Willinghurst Lakes 

Willinghurst Fishery - Shamley Green

This lake is connected to the Old Lake (Lake 2) by a narrow channel under the little bridge. None of the lakes at this end of the estate is permanently pegged, therefore it's a bit difficult to explain some of the swims, but I'll do my best. Starting from the 'portaloo', and walking anti-clockwise, the bank nearest to the newly constructed lake is the deepest, and the worst fishing on the whole lake.

It's 3 or 4 feet deep in the edge, but I've never known a match to be won from it, and I've known some very good anglers actually blank. At the end of this bank the lake turns left onto a short bank of about 4 swims. The first 3 of these are very poor, but the last peg, right in the corner next to the Old lake is a flyer.

Fish up against the causeway bank between the lakes with pellet and paste and you could win the match. Turn left again and you are on the man made bank between the two lakes. The next few pegs, from the little bridge and around the point are all good, and potential match winners.The straight that we are looking at now comes down to the shallowest point of the lake. The 4 or 5 pegs on this bank are quite good, but rarely winning pegs.The pegs either side of the narrow end of the lake can be very good if, and only if, the wind is howling down the lake into this end.

It doesn't happen that often unfortunately, but when it does the fish just pile up into this corner giving the opportunity of a huge net of fish and a day to remember. Around this final point, and we are on the home straight, the longest bank on the lake. Any of these pegs can produce good weights, but they wouldn't be my first choice of potential match winners. The lake as a whole contains a lot of roach, so big baits are advisable. The fish will come in very close to the bank when you are pleasure fishing, but tend to be forced out to about the 6 metre line on matches because of the keep nets in close.



Old Lake ( Lake 2 on Plan )


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