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Gold Valley Lakes 

Syndicate lake

Similar in size to Gold lake (6 acres) average depths of 5ft, again with shallow areas in the middle. Syndicate holds a very large head of fish with Carp again being the dominant species. Fish can be caught easily on most styles from feeder to pole, all types of fishing have accounted for some memorable days, pegs 93 to 106 are favoured by the feeder anglers, pegs 83 to 92 can produce fish on the close in line, 107 to 115 can respond to a wide variety ranging across pole, feeder or long rod, 116 to 124 are good pegs for fishing close in, all the suggested close in pegs should be fed a second line in order to widen the chance of a day to remember. The roach fishing on Syndicate has developed well with 83 to 90 and 116 to 124 being the recognised areas; Syndicate also holds a large head of Crucians, Tench, Bream and Perch with many approaching the specimen bracket.

Bat Lake

Bat lake is one of the most popular small lakes in the Hampshire / Surrey area with just eighteen swims and just under one acre, depths vary from 12” to 4 ft plus. The lake was formed around the “Bat Cave” a specially constructed building erected for the conservation of bats; Bat Lake holds Tench, Carp, Roach, Perch, Bream, Crucians and Rudd. The Carp go to around the 9 lb mark and on the odd occasion that competitions have been held on Bat lake weights have run up to just short of 120 lb. Pole with float being the best method, with meat and hemp or maggots being the baits to use.

Gold Lake



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