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Surface Fishing For Carp

A great way to catch big carp is "off the top" that is using some sort of floating bait on the surface film of the water.


The types of baits you can use are endless but of course they must float. Breakfast serials such as sugar puffs etc, work quite well but have the disadvantage of being light so you can't catapult them very far ( especially on a windy day !) The most popular bait and probably one of the best is bread. This is a good option when there are no small fish around as they will peck the bread off the hook in no time at all. Sometimes stealth is needed to get a large carp so if you are always recasting to replace the bread this will spook the fish. Another option is "floater cake" . This is a boilie mix with baking soda added to make a sponge like cake. By adjusting the consistency you can make it quite hard but will still be buoyant. By far the best type of bait to use are various pet foods ( pedigree chum ect ) Before buying a large sack check the size of the pellets and that they do float.


The problem with these types of baits is they are rock hard so how do you put them on the hook.what you need is a knife and some superglue (carp anglers friend !) . You cut a groove in the dog buscuit just deep enough so the shank of the hook will lie in it then superglue the hook to the buscuit. It takes about five minutes to dry but will stay on for at least 30 mins in the water. Even with the weight of the hook and bait this is still not enough to cast very far so you have to add weight to the line in the form of a controller. This is a weighted float (bobber) which lets the line run along the top of the water.



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