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Stubpond Lakes 

Stubpond Fishery - Near East Grinstead

Favourite Pegs

Plantation Lake

This is the biggest of the lakes at Stubpond, and the main match fishing lake, with 70 purpose made pegs surrounding a central island running the full length of this rectangular lake, with the island between 15 and 24 metres away from each peg. The depth varies between 5ft and 8ft, and there are rush beds off the island, and some lily pads around the edges.

Peg 1 is in the near left hand corner as you approach the lake from the main car park, and the pegs run clockwise around the lake from this point. Pegs 1 to 12 and 60 to 70 opposite them are much favoured, but this is one of the fairest match lakes that I have fished, and the winning weight could come from almost anywhere.

The prevailing summer wind blows down the lake towards peg 1, and I suspect that's why this is often the better end of the lake, as we've said elsewhere, a warm wind in to your face often produces the best catches on stillwaters.

Stubpond Lake

Built in 1986, this lake is almost two acres in size, with thirty comfortable pegs, and is ideal for club bookings. The biggest fish on the entire fishery are in this lake, with Carp up to 25lbs and 'Ghosties' up to nearly 19lbs, together with the usual back up of Tench, Rudd, Roach, Perch and Chub, plus the occasional Bream up to 8lbs. The pegs in the corners are often best, with the ones with the wind blowing in to them being best of the lot.

Chart Lake

This lake is usually used as a growing on pond for the smaller carp and bream etc., making it ideal as a beginners pond because of the large stocks of small hungry fish. However, last time that I was there, the pond had been emptied prior to some modifications being done to the banks, so you will have to check in the news page to see if fishing has started again on this lake.



Forge Lake

This lake was built in 1986, and stocked with a variety of Carp, Tench, Bream and Crucians. It was then deepened and made smaller in 1996, giving depths up to 16 feet, and restocked with further Bream, Tench, Perch, Chub, Roach, Rudd and Skiimers, plus a few Sturgeon. This lake holds many big fish, and the depth close in to the bank makes it ideal pole fishing water. But beware, when the big carp take, they tend to dive straight into the deepest water, which is quite close in, and many a pole has been broken by this sudden rush to the depths. Favoured pegs are on the gypsy camp bank, with the causeway bank probably being the worst, although the corners can be quite good.

Mill Lake

This recently constructed lake is really nice, with an island no more than 11 metres away running down the middle of the lake. Depths are good, averaging between 5 and 7 feet, and cover is growing nicely on the central island. An ideal pole fishery, and very pleasant to fish except for one very important point.

There are 54 pegs in an area that should have held 20. In defence of the lake, they normally only put a maximum of 30 anglers on the lake, giving every angler a blank peg to their left or right, but it would have been better still if they had left every other peg out to start with !. What a's a really good design, and it's stocked with lots of Carp and Bream, plus the normal silver fish.
If you want a days pleasure pole fishing it's absolutely ideal, and if Robert will let you run a 20 peg club match on it at a reasonable price then take it, but don't expect to get 54 people on there without getting complaints from 54 very upset anglers !!. Incidentally, the far end usually produces the best weights.



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