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Friday/Saturday 20th-21st September 2002

By Aidan Rich.

A 24hr session proved worthwhile for me when I recently visited the Willinghurst Fisheries complex.

On arrival, I set-up my rods on the specimen lake only to be told that due to a leak on another lake, some water had been pumped out to refill it, this left the specimen lake over a foot shallower than normal, as I intended fishing in the margins I decided to move to an area where recently, the 22lb and 28lb carp have been caught.

I wanted to fish this lake again as the first time I did a night session, it was a full moon and two lads in the swim next to me had a cracking time catching 10 carp to 15lb.

I fished the same spot as the two lads a fortnight later but only caught one Carp to 7lb, so felt that the carp were not in this area as it was not a full moon. So with a full moon present I tried my luck on this lake again.

I had decided to bait one area in front of a bush with hemp and maze and fish a boily over the top. The other rod would go out to the middle with a bag of pellet and some free boilies. The fishing started very slow with not even a single beep from either alarm. This went on until I decided to bait up the swim in front of my bivvy which had another reed bush. I again used hemp and pellet, I gently placed my boily in the swim and waited. Around 30 minutes later the rod took off and I had my first fish of the day at 12lb, 6 more carp were to follow with the smallest at 6lb.

The bait I used were Nash Baits Whisky boilies, over the top of some Corn steep liquor pellets.

Nash Bait Frozen
Whisky Boilies

On Saturday morning, my nephew Ben Eason arrived around 10am, we moved to a lake that I though would be easier to catch a carp as Ben had been out 5 times and not caught anything, so I was determined that he went home remembering his day.


Old Lake

My personal best, a 18lb Mirror

Ben and his lively fish at 5lb

Ben say's
"I'll catch this 18 pounder one day"

12lb from specimen lake


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