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Nashbaits Whisky

Nashbaits latest boilie - Whisky has an amazing story to tell.
The story starts four years ago when a Scottish carp fishing friend of Kevin Nash sent him a bottle of attractor.
The Scotsman worked in a Whisky distillery, he had discovered a waste bi-product from the Whisky distillation process was good for catching carp. Well Kevin smelt the attractor which unsurprisingly smelt of Whisky - a drink and a smell Kevin is not personally particularly fond of.
And so the bottle remained on his desk catching dust. For two years ! When a friend of Kevin’s asked him if he could try it.
Immediately Kevin’s friend found the Whisky successful catching some very large carp and in winter to boot Kev however was still not convinced his friend was a particularly talented angler and so Key put it down to ability rather than the Whiskey.

But Nashbaits Gary Bayes got wind of the results and put the Whisky out to a couple of the top field testers. Both had astounding success smashing lake records wherever they went and consistently catching - often when all around blanked.
Well as they say the rest is history, Whisky was launched in the spring of 1999 and already it has rocked the UK carp record.
Literally thousands of UK anglers have enjoyed the best carp action of their lives.
With personal bests and multi captures.
The Whisky is breaking many lake records and the best result of all a new Scottish carp record has been caught using the Whisky.



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